Nippon Steel's TranTixxii and NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation's NSSC220M featured on the roof of an international conference center in Jiangsu, China

ALPOLIC/fr TCM (Titanium Composite Material, hereafter "TCM")*1, a composite panel of titanium, resin and stainless steel of Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec Co.,Ltd. (hereafter "Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec"), has been adopted for the roof of the Yangtze River International Conference Center (the project owner: the Jiangsu government). ALPOLIC/fr TCM contains the designing titanium TranTixxii of Nippon Steel Corporation (hereafter "Nippon Steel") and NSSC220M, a high corrosion resistance ferritic stainless steel sheet of NIPPON STEEL Stainless Steel Corporation (hereafter "NSSC").

China is the world's largest market for TCM, which contains materials of Nippon Steel and NSSC. In this particular project, TCM was applied to an area of 47,000 m2 (71 tons of titanium and 130 tons of stainless steel), which is the second largest scale project after the project for the Jiangsu Center for the Performing Arts (Jiangsu, China), which was completed in 2017. In this project, TCM was applied to an area of 73,000 m2 (85 tons of titanium and 170 tons of stainless steel).

The Yangtze River International Conference Center is a landmark of Jiangbei New District, which is an up and coming growing city. While its refined design has earned TCM opportunities to be featured in other projects in China, the eco-friendly optimal panel design based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) proposed by Mitsubishi Chemical Infratec added momentum to the decision to select this product for the latest project.

Thanks to their high corrosion resistance, the titanium and stainless steel contained in TCM do not require coating, thus saving maintenance work. Moreover, very few metal ions are eluted from their surfaces, making them recyclable and thus more eco-friendly.
While titanium is as strong as steel, the former's specific gravity is less than those of other types of building metal, thus achieving thinner and lighter applications. This helps mitigate the transportation and operational load, reducing the CO2 emissions.
NSSC220M is stable in price since it is a resource saving stainless steel that contains little nickel. In addition, it has higher corrosion resistance than SUS316 (austenitic stainless steel), which is a generic-grade of high corrosion resistance stainless steel. Furthermore, NSSC220M is almost the same as titanium in linear expansion coefficient *2, meaning that this stainless steel material prevents panel distortion caused by temperature and environmental changes.

Nippon Steel Group will continue to pursue the best technologies in the world as well as the manufacturing capabilities and continue to contribute to the progress of society by developing manufacturing processes and providing excellent products and services in conformance with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.

*1. Titanium composite panel, ALPOLIC/fr TCM (Titanium Composite Material, "TCM")

ALPOLIC/fr TCM is a titanium composite panel that contains titanium on its surface. It features titanium's characteristic refined design and excellent corrosion resistance. The composite panel is smoother than pure titanium panels and achieves reduced application weight. ALPOLIC/fr TCM has a fire retardant core, making it suitable for building exteriors and roofs.

*2 Linear expansion coefficient

Also known as thermal expansion coefficient, it measures the fractional increase in length and volume per degree change in temperature.
Its unit specified in the JIS Standard is "/K."

Yangtze River International Conference Center

Project overview

Name Yangtze River International Conference Center
Basic design Morphosis Architecture
Detailed design Beijing Institute of Architectural Design
Construction China Construction Eighth Engineering Division
Titanium 71 tons
Stainless steel 130 tons
Completion and opening October 2021

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