NSSC Duplex series


NSSC’s original duplex stainless steel Achieve reductions in total costs!

Total cost saving with NSSC’s original duplex stainless steel!

New value is added to society by a fusion of cutting edge materials and the creativity to make the best of them.

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duplex stainless steel.
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5 major characteristics
to reduce total cost

5 major characteristics of duplex stainless
steel improve the performance of the
stainless steel and reduce total cost.

high strength

Higher strength of
materials enables to lead
to lighter-weight design.

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High corrosion resistance

Superior corrosion

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Good polishing property


Minimizing polishing man-hours contributes to
cost reduction

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Resource savings

Price stability!

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What is duplex
stainless steel?
Duplex stainless steel has advantages of both austenitic and ferritic structure.

Metal structure of duplex stainless steel

Duplex stainless steel lineup Extensive lineup

Various grades are available to fulfill customers’ needs.
Please feel free to consult with us.

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extensive lineup

Features of NSSC’s original duplex stainless steel NSSC®2120 / NSSC®2351

weldability NSSC®2120 NSSC®2351

NSSC’s original duplex stainless steel

Improvement of weldability!

※ Compared to conventional duplex stainless steel

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Higher strength and corrosion resistance make possible Value Engineering from generic stainless steel or other materials.

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NSSC®2120 and NSSC®2351 weldability

Higher heat-input welding
is available.

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NSSC®2120 and NSSC®2351
weld corrosion resistance

Weld corrosion resistance is equivalent to or greater than
that of TP304 and TP316L.

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NSSC’s original duplex stainless steel is used in a wide range of applications.

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River facilities

Fresh water environment:

Brackish water environment:

Buildings and civil engineering

Inland environment:

Coastal environment:

Tanks and other factory equipment

Equipment using TP304:

Equipment using TP316L:

※For a full seawater environment, S31260 or Super Duplex S32750 is recommended.


6th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards
Received the Minister of
Economy, Trade and Industry Award.

Nippon Grand Awards

Minister of Economy,
Trade and Industry Award