Features: Four realization and another realization

Four realization


  1. Shortening of production period
    EGR allows us to greatly reduce the number of grinding process (to half or less) and the lead‐time.
  2. Almost no pits or coarse Figure 1.
    Efficiency of eliminating defects on material surfaces is higher, and the surface roughness and pit are virtually eliminated. (The pickling process may be skipped during the process of stainless steel making, and we can provide the products with less p p surface defects or inclusions with better washability).
  3. Minimization of warpage and deformation
    Since distortion caused by the heat affect that occurs during grinding is smaller, high flatness is ensured, and warpage and deformation affected by residual stress during cutting can also be minimized.
  4. Higher corrosion resistance Figure 2.
    CrystalSurf™ finish has a higher corrosion resistance than typically grinded finished material because of the effects of the reinforced passivation film and the elimination of a rusting point, which are the features of the EGR treatment.

Another realization

Environmental Advantage of EGR

  1. Abbreviation of general processes which could be loads to environment such as shot‐blasting or acid‐pickling are possible according to required conditions.
  2. Electrolyte and current used for EGR treatment is neutral, and sludge is reused after filter-pressing. (Environment friendly system for surface treatment.)