NSSCのソリューション 省資源 高機能エコステンレス

軽量化ソリューション SUS304代替二相ステンレス鋼!NSSC®2120 ASTM A240/A240M-12 UNS No.S82122

"Weldability" has long been a disadvantage point for duplex grades. Introducing our new duplex grade of "NSSC2120" which has dramatically-improved weldability. With the advantages of Duplex, "High mechanical strength (almost double of 304)" and "High corrosion resistance", NSSC2120 would enable to significantly reduce total cost by cutting "construction cost", "transportation cost" and "production cost" etc.
As an "alternative grade of 304", NSSC2120 is available in wide size range, from sheets to plates,. Please use this grade for "resource saving" and "large total cost reduction".

超高耐食フェライトソリューション NSSC220M

Its corrosion resistance is better than SUS316L


Its pitting resistance is excellent.
Its pitting resistance and deposit corrosion resistance is the same or more than that of SUS316.

There is another grade, NSSC220ECO, in which its rare metal contents are further reduced.

極軟質・超高加工性オーステナイトソリューション NSSC304JS

Ultrasoft(low proof strength, Inhibiting work hardening) austenitic new grade.
⇒ Pressing pressure can be reduced, and shape-fixability is good.

遮熱タイプのエコ塗装ステンレス鋼板 ナルカラーシリーズ

Heat shield function… heat shield pigments are added for roofing materials in order to resist the temperature rise.

加工油省略化の潤滑ステンレス 高機能クリアー塗装ステンレス

You can add workability/ anti-fouling property/ anti-weatherability.